Phylogeny-based Protein Function Prediction

SIFTER (Statistical Inference of Function Through Evolutionary Relationships) is a statistical approach to predicting protein function that uses a protein family's phylogenetic tree, as the natural structure for representing protein relationships.

Run SIFTER on your local machine:

SIFTER Pipeline:

You can acesses the user-friendly pipeline for large scale protein function prediction using SIFTER algorithm at SIFTER GitHub page.
You can download necessary data for the pipeline from the following links:

SIFTER core code:

You can download SIFTER code v2.1.1 here. (Older version v2.0 is also available here.)

Complexity Estimation (How long running SIFTER will take in a local machine):

Learn how long you may expect SIFTER to run on a local machine for you specific input here.

Pre-computed SIFTER Webserver predictions:

Data and scripts fr querying the precomputed predictions are available here [27 GB].