Phylogeny-based Protein Function Prediction

SIFTER (Statistical Inference of Function Through Evolutionary Relationships) is a statistical approach to predicting protein function that uses a protein family's phylogenetic tree, as the natural structure for representing protein relationships.

  • Currently SIFTER has predictions for proteins across species.
  • For queries not in our current results, try "Predict by seqence" to find SIFTER predictions for the closest homologs.
  • Citation:
    • Engelhardt BE, Jordan MI, Srouji JR, Brenner SE. 2011. Genome-scale phylogenetic function annotation of large and diverse protein families.Genome Research 21:1969-1980. doi:10.1101/gr.104687.109

Predict by Protein ID

Find SIFTER predictions for your query proteins.

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Predict for all proteins of a Species

Find SIFTER predictions for proteins in your query species.

Find proteins that have given Functions

For a set of query functions, find proteins with high probability of having those functions.

  • This option searches across the given species to identify proteins that are predicted by SIFTER to have any of the query functions as their top predictions.

Predict for homologs of given Sequences

Find SIFTER predictions fo the closest homologs of the query sequences.

  • We BLAST search across 16,853,547 proteins (wihich already has SIFTER predictions) to identify close homologs to the query sequences.

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